What are the materials of the floor?

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2022-08-30 15:43

What are the materials of the floor?

1. Solid wood floor

The solid wood floor is widely used and the price is slightly higher, but the decorative performance is also more prominent. This kind of solid wood floor can be warm in winter and cool in summer, and can adjust the humidity. It is relatively green, more environmentally friendly, and durable.

2. Solid wood composite floor

This kind of floor combines the components of wood-based panels. From the perspective of environmental protection, it can be divided into E0 level and E1 level. When consumers buy, they should at least choose E1 grade or above. Solid wood floors can also bring real wood texture, which can be used for geothermal installation, which is cheaper than solid wood floors.

3. Laminate flooring

It is a relatively popular ground material at present, adding wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, base layer and balance layer. It doesn't need painting and waxing. It is widely used and cheap.

4. Cork floor

This kind of ground material can be made by PVC veneer, such as the ground material produced by bovine leather or Oxford leather, which is relatively flexible and much cheaper.

For example, the main material of PVC plastic floor is PVC, and plasticizers and stabilizers are added. It is not easy to be impacted during transportation, and it is not affected by sun and rain, and its stability is very good.

5. Bamboo floor

Natural high-quality bamboo is selected as raw material, and then it is produced through complex processes. The process is relatively complex, but the environmental protection coefficient is relatively high. From the appearance, the glossiness is relatively good, transparent and bright, and the indoor dry humidity can be maintained. At the same time, it can bring better decorative effect.

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